Sunday, September 9, 2018

Reverbnation Artist Celticado

James Bunting, Adam Sweet
Celticado has performed for literally hundreds of weddings. With over 30 years of professional performance experience combined, they can assemble just about any style of Celtic music for any special event.

Inspired by Ireland’s great Irish groups Lunasa, De Dannan, Altan, Bothy Band and Clannad, The Celtic Project's driven pursuit of melody interwoven by rhythm results in breathtaking arrangements that stir the soul and free the mind!

Celticado is the culmination from among the top musical talent in western Massachusetts. Founding member Adam R Sweet (of Woodkerne, Crossing The Pond, and The Americana Project) - on fiddle, contributes a stellar celtic sound with a fantastic skirling style, his bow flashing colors across the imagination landscape. Jim Bunting on mandolin, guitar and bouzouki brings a rich heritage of improvisation and American cultural roots to this Celtic mix, laying the foundation with a solid backbone, adding splashes of fire and water, literally burning and cooling as the music progresses.

Primarily Celtic in nature, the genres covered by Celticado include traditional Irish tunes by Turloch O'Carolan and others, Scottish, Welsh, French Canadian, Nova Scotian and New England Contra; as well as folk songs from the great American Folk history - many of them with roots in Irish and Scottish folk music

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