What is a typical Celticado performance like?

Traditional Celtic music is a full body experience: the upbeat tempos compel you to dance a jig, clap your hands and join in. And that's what trad music is all about, joining in and having the craic (fun).

South Hadley "Irish Night"
St Patrick's Day Event
First things first, learn the lingo. The two places you’re most likely to experience trad music in New England are a seisún and a céilí – and there's a difference between the two.
  • A trad music seisún (pronounced: seh-shoon) can best be described as an informal gathering of musicians. Often, it’ll kick off with just a guitar. But before long you’ve got a whole group of fiddlers, flutists, banjos and bodhrán (drum) or Lambeg drum players belting out the tunes. 
  • You can expect a bit of dancing at seisúns, too. People clap along to the beat as dancers twirl and skip around. Don't be afraid to join in, no one minds if you don't know the steps. And before you know it, you'll be a jigging pro.
How much does it cost?

That depends on a few things:
  1. Location of the event
  2. Type of event (wedding, party, wake, concert, festival, etc).
  3. Duration of the event

If we have to travel more than 25 miles from our location (Granby, MA 01033), we will expect to be compensated for our expenses and travel.  Distances over 100 miles will require us to stay over night and so there will be added hotel room expenses for each member of the band (we will stay at an affordable Motel 6 or equivalent so as not to break the bank), as well as security and insurance for the PA system and instruments.

Event Type

Adam Sweet, James Bunting
Weddings take the most amount of work and generally require a lot of preparation, meetings and discussion as well as the standard amount of set up and take down.  If we are playing for the rehearsal dinner as well as ceremony and cocktail hour, there is a lot more involved in setting up especially if there are separate locations for each aspect of the wedding.  Parties and wakes are usually céilí or seisuns and don't usually require a lot of organization.  They are generally acoustic and a lot of fun!  Same with concerts and festivals.

Length of Performance

Thirty minutes is standard for a ceremony, 60 minutes for the cocktail hour.  Concerts are generally two full hours with an intermission.  Festivals can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Our Rates:
  • Hourly for the duo: $300 for the first hour, $250 per hour after that
  • Hourly for the trio: $450 for the first hour, $400 per hour after that
  • Additional musicians (bodhran, piano, winds, vocals) may be as much as $150 an hour per person depending on whether or not the person we generally work with is available

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